Pulse at xx hour doesn't work?

I’ve set it to pulse every 1 hour, as I’ve always done and it isn’t working. Upgraded to the latest client version, old one worked fine and now it doesn’t. Known problem or are my settings wrong?

Using 1.6.2 or (only available from forums), any error messages? And can you pulse manually, or after xxx keys?

It seems to have fixed itself. I can pulse manually fine, I think I worked out the problem though; I have extremely volatile internet, it’s down every ~20 mins, it’s most likely it was offline at time of pulse so whatpulse decided to skip the attempts at pulsing.

I should have thought of that originally, normally it would pop-up with “could not connect to server”, it didn’t though so it slipped my mind. sorry for worthless topic :stuck_out_tongue: