proxy troubles

When behind a proxy it is not possible to login with whatpulse.
With previous verion (2.1.1) it was possible to connect with setting on auto proxy. Now it doesn’t work.
How to connect the client again?

Do you get an error? And what type of login are you trying? Proxy support has not changed between 2.1.1 and 2.2.1, so it must be something in the settings.

Just login in the app after install.
Error is not readable → the text is behind the small line on the right border. Try to make a screenshot tomorrow

Which type of login; the normal one or the facebook login? Screenshot is appreciated. :slight_smile:

normal login. Screenshot on monday :slight_smile:

solved !

Anyway there is something changed because before I’ve always used “auto detect proxy”. Had to turn it off to login this time.