Programm crashing

The program keeps crashing ever since I upgraded to version 2.0.4.
I had V. 1.something.
I don’t know when it actually happens but most often I don’t really do that much stuff which could actually cause a crash. It crashes without a notification while I’m playing games in fullscreen and whenever I afk while up-/downloading stuff and lock my computer I notice it crashed over the hours. At the moment thats the only stuff I do with my PC and the repeated crashes really annoy me as I like to keep track of how much i do with my PC. For example I already lost about 2 days of uptime and about 100 GB upload amount. (It doesnt show up neither on the pulses nor in the unpulsed value though I can see it on the WP Main window). It really is a major annoyance so please fix it.

Please check the known issues before posting a thread, thank you.