Program doesn't pulse

The program neatly collects all my keypresses and mouse clicks (as far as I am aware of), so now I want to pulse. I have some options for that:

  • Rightclick the WhatPulse icon on the taskbar and click “Pulse”;
  • Let the program pulse automatically on a certain condition;
  • Click “Pulse!” in the Overview tab in the main window.
    I tried all of them. In the first two cases, the program doesn’t give any feedback (like: “It worked!” or “It didn’t work!”), but just doesn’t do anything. The third case does not even work because the button is disabled.
    Still, the program continues collecting my data. How come I can’t pulse?


Because you have the “Work Offline” option enabled. As the hover over de “Pulse!” button mentions, that disables pulsing (all online activity). Disable that option and try again!

Thanks! I missed that one.