Profiles and old accounts

Sorry if this is already asked before, but I can’t find recents topic on this argument (hope that’s not my fault).
(And sorry for my bad English, too!)

I’ve got a throuble and a question.

My two accounts (one per PC) are enough older than last Whatpulse version.
Actually I still use 1.4.7 which doesn’t need profiles.

Recently I re-installed a PC. My sister tryied to install the newer version, downloaded from the website.
But the problem is the fact I’ve got no “Profiles” in any of my accounts!
So we was unable to log-in because the new whatpulse logger window require a valid profile!
So I had to reinstall 1.4.7 version to log-in!

What have I to do to adapt my two account to the newer whatpulse?
If I create a new profile (the first) I risk to lose my old pulses?

Hope my questions are understandable.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

You do NOT lose ANY of your old pulses if you switch to the new version. Now, your old statistics won’t find their way onto the profiles, but they’re still on your account and contributing to the total.

All you need to do is to create a pulse profile for each of your computers on the account that you already have and then load 1.5. They need to be on different pulse profiles, otherwise you’ll run into problems when you do try to submit your pulses.

And just a reminder, it’s one person per account - you and your sister should have separate accounts.

I talked about “my two accounts”… so there are two separate accounts. :wink:

I don’t use the same account on both computers.

Ok… I created my first “Profile” into my account, and it says:

Profile Keys Clicks Miles Last Pulse Patcha 0 0 0 00/00/00
So if I’ll log-in with the new whatpulse version I’ll get zero everywhere? :-o

As you can see from my profile (I’m the user 14506, click in my signature)… I have 43,012,301 Pulses and 7,799,475 clicks… and I want to keep them.

Profiles’s pulses will be added to the total? My actual “historical” values will continue to grow?
My Geek Window (if it still exsists in the new version) will always show the total?

Look at mine for a sec…

Mjolnir is the one I use on my computer. Megingjard is the one for my jump drive. Sleipner, so far, is still entirely unused.

If you add up Mjolnir, Megingjard and Sleipner together, you won’t end up with the total of ~29 million keys that’s on my account. The keys from 1.47 are still there, but they aren’t applied to the profiles.

When you set up 1.5, you’ll get the pulse profile, and YES, that will start at 0, but your account totals will remain unaffected.

Thanks for your answers! :slight_smile:

What amount will be showed in geek dialog window?

The geek dialog box will be unaffected by the change. What you always see on the geek dialog box, in terms of total keystrokes and mouseclicks, is the total amount that you’ve pulsed, plus however many you have on THAT computer. Your laptop, for example, doesn’t know how many unpulsed keys your desktop has :wink:

(This is all EXACTLY the same as 1.47, except that now, miles moved are mentioned)

Ooh… that reminds me. Gotta switch my box to SI units.

Ok, now I understood that question… thanks for your answers. :wink:

But I have another question a bit OT: Why miles are not showed into Team Stats?
I love to compare all my stats with my teamate. :slight_smile:

They will be soon, don’t worry :slight_smile: