Problems with Installation on OSX

Hey Guys,

So I’m facing a bit of a problem here. I’m trying to install WhatPulse on my work Mac, and the issue is that IT has to regulate all software installations. They don’t give us admin accounts on our Macs.

… don’t even ask.

So it’s not possible for me to install WhatPulse 2.4 or 2.5 because they both go through the whole Mac installation process, but I do remember that a few previous versions worked fine, I could drag and drop the file into my Downloads folder and run the software off that and it didn’t give me any problems. Also didn’t need to go through the installation process.

The question I have is this, is there any way for me to install WhatPulse 2.4 or 2.5 without going through the hassles of the admin installation? Any chance admins here can give me the .app file to straight run?

If not, can I get a link to an older version of WhatPulse that I can run similarly without going through the installation process please?

Thanks guys!

You can indeed simply copy the from another Mac, but he network measurements and most likely the keyboard/mouse counters will also fail. The installer changes some system permissions for it to count properly.

I’d ask for an exemption. If you run it against company policy and they find out, you could have a different problem.