Problem with Profile

Ok, so I downloaded and started pulsing a couple of weeks ago. Everything’s fine.

However, it seems like there was a bug when I created my account. I created the account [DLP]afl (I created it on the name DLP|afl), and my user ID as per URL is 327514. However, my pulses seem to go to account number 327508, with the username afl. Every time I go visit my online stats through the WhatPulse program, I get to account 327508. But when I click on the ‘Your Stats’ button, I get to account 327514.

Is it possible that the two accounts get merged, or that [DLP]afl gets deleted, so I can use the afl-account normally?

Yes, I can do that.

I have confirmed that [DLP]afl has zero stats (0 keys, 0 clicks, 0 miles), and that by all appearances both [DLP]afl and afl accounts are yours.

I have deleted [DLP]afl.

Here is what I suggest you should do:

  1. Pulse whatever keys you’ve got stored up right now.
  2. Log out and back in to your whatpulse client as afl
  3. Click the "Your Stats’ button to see if it takes you where it’s supposed to go.

And please come back here to report whether or not it worked. Hopefully, everything’s in normal working order now.


sorry for not answering, have been out of my country (and out of reach of internet) for the last couple weeks. The problem with the accounts is gone. Thanks alot!