Premium membership problem not yet sorted.

I PMed PinkFloyd about it, but Im not sure he was able to help.

I signed up for another month of Premium membership 2 days ago, as shown on my PayPal account (, however I did not yet recieve the extra month. I even got an email yesterday warning me I only had one day to renew my premium membership. Its gonna be a fuss loosing my image uploads as im using them for my profile, and I would like to stay a premium member.

Ive already completed payment, however when I completed the payment and was brought back to my WhatPulse page, a number of PHP errors were displayed. I checked my premium status, and nothing had changed, but the payment was taken.

If you require the transaction ID, I can PM it, if a mod/admin replies to this topic of course. :slight_smile:

I now have no premium membership, yet paid for it just a few days ago? I know its only $2, but its still a service I purchased and would appreciate it if it was atleast made active.

I’m surprised admin hasn’t responded yet on this topic. Seems like a big problem. So you have paid yet you don’t have the premium membership? Weird.

Uhm, I notified PinkFloyd, who said he’d already notified wasted who said something which I can’t remember… I’ll bug them both again now.

Hi Xtr3me,

It appears the trackback didn’t function properly, so the website didn’t connect your transaction. I just corrected this by hand. Sorry for the late fix.

Thanks, premium membership now active. Cheers Wasted. :slight_smile: