Premium Graphs Data Issue

So I haven’t had premium since around October 2013. Yesterday I renewed my premium subscription.

However, my stats gained since I ran out of premium appear to have been bunched together into Wednesday 23rd April’s daily stats, for example 2 million keys on a single day and an uptime of “2 months…” in a single week.

Daily Input:
Weekly Uptime:

I’ve experienced exactly the same behavior.


Martijn is the only one who can answer this. Hopefully he will get back to you soon.


Ok thanks :slight_smile:

There’s possibly two solutions for this…either we smooth over the gap with false data, or the graph needs to ignore these gaps. Right now it simply looks at the record record and subtracts from that. So now it’s taking your stats from Oct and subtracting those from today and that is your result for today. Which is obviously a lot. :wink:

I’ve put this one on the todo as it’s not a real quick fix, which I can do right now. Will let you know when it’s fixed. All graphs will fix themselves though, once you get through the first week or so - the “bump” will only be between the date gap.

Well that explains it :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that also applies to the charts carrying the date on from the date premium ran out since the ranks/totals graph carries on from August 7th, so yesterday was the 12th August 2013 according to the graph.