Power sortage

So I tested what happens when there is power sortage… and yeah WhatPulse didn’t save anything after power went out (which is logical). It started from 0.
Server still has every pulse from before.

And I mean everything was restarted, even settings. A bug or is made by design?

Shouldn’t it made temp saves on disk instead on RAM if this is a case?

Do you mean you like pulled the plug? (Shortage?)

I’ve noticed this too, had a brief power outage overnight and had to enter all my details again, on several PC’s.


Yes, or just turning off PSU. Doesn’t matter.
English is my fourth language, so term “power shortage” might not be correct.

Edit: Indeed it is “wrong” term, correct term is “power outage”.

A power shortage would be an issue as well, most computers don’t like a power dip or surge. :wink:

This one is related to the sqlite database (whatpulse.db) and how the client writes it data. The data is not completely gone, bit something critical is - which is why the client wants to start over.

2.0.1 will fix this by handling the database file slightly different.

Speaking of which: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2172