Portable version?

A few things; A Gratz on version 2.X. Been needing an upgrade for a while, and you guys went above and beyond.

Two; Nice MyBB.

Now to the point.

Is there a portable edition, or a way to make it portable? I’d like to use it on my computer at my radio and such, but sadly I cannot run installers there. Will it work if I install it to my USB or phone? Or is there plans to develop a proper portable app?

Just looking for some advice.



I would also be interested in this.


There is an option in the settings but it doesn’t seem to do anything/it’s not clear how it works as you have to install it to be able to turn the option on.

You can simply install it onto a USB drive and enable that option. When that option is enabled, it will save the database files next to the exe file, so those are not computer specific and you can run that profile anywhere you plug the USB drive into.

And I can change the active computer with that with no problems? Just making sure as I won’t be able to test for a few days :p/

That’s what I meant with the database files not being “computer specific” - yes.