Portable Mode


I recently installed WhatPulse to my USB drive, and enabled “portable mode”, but after a few days of usage between two computers, it stopped working. It gave me a strange runtime error. I ended up installing it locally on my home computer instead of the USB drive to get it working again. However, I would still like to somehow be able to run it from my USB drive at work so I can record my keystrokes and clicks from the work computer. Could anyone give me a rundown on portable mode, and how I could use it in portable mode when I already have it installed locally on my computer? I haven’t been able to find much information for portable mode anywhere and how it works. Clicking “portable mode” on my local home computer installation doesn’t seem to do anything, since it’s installed on the hard drive.


Portable mode copies the current databases to the same location the whatpulse.exe is in and then read/writes to that one whenever you run it. So you can install the client into your Program Files, set it up, enable portable mode, exit the client and copy the entire directory onto a USB drive and run it from there on any computer.

Easiest thing is to install it to a USB drive, set it up and enable portable mode there.

Thanks for the response. I will try enabling portable mode again, and copying it to my USB drive. For some odd reason, when I install it directly to my USB drive again, it gives me the same error I received before. I’ve tried uninstalling it and deleting the files, to no avail. Perhaps the copying method will work.