Please, PLEASE help me!


I have over 1 million keys, 400 thousand clicks, and 13 miles racked up. But my WhatPulse just wont pulse! It stopped pulsing on February 20th, 2012 and I figured it would just fix itself but it hasnt and I’m very VERY disappointed.

WhatPulse Version: 1.7.1
WhatPulse Username: Doctor Obvious
Windows Version: Windows 7 (x86)
Administrator?: Yes, and I even closed WhatPulse and right clicked > Run as Administrator and it made no difference
Programs Running: Steam, Firefox, Skype, Sandboxie (newly downloaded, problem occurred before it was downloaded), Hamachi

Here is a screenshot of my geek window, if an admin could even just manually credit my account maybe I could try re-installing the program and see if that would help? I just dont want to lose my stats…

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

February 20th is a very long time ago – I do wish you would have posted a bit sooner.

As far as I am aware, we can’t manually add those as a pulse. But it might be possible to get your client working again. What I’m curious about is this:

  1. What kind of error messages are you getting?
  2. What’s your network setup like? Cable internet? Router? Firewall?
  3. Will it pulse when you don’t have Hamachi running?

I actually have the same issue going on right now… Whatpulse works on one laptop, but stopped working on my original one entirely. There are no message boxes at all, I have the latest version of Whatpulse and I use windows 7. The program was working at one point and was pulsing every 24 hours, but for some reason will not pulse from this laptop anymore. I have tried readding this computer to my account and no luck…