Per Application Usage on Website Issue

Hello team,

I am not sure if it is a software or website issue, but because my actual WhatPulse (3.3) application on my computer is keeping application-specific data accurately, I figure it has to be the website.

My home computer is counted perfectly and updates properly on the website, but everything from my work computer for the last few months seems to not be counted at all.

I read that, on the Windows XP 64-bit OS, per application usage is not counted properly, but it counts properly in the client ( ).

I have also seen that my total keys/clicks/bandwidth are counted fine, just the per application stats on the webpage not working.

The computer in question is a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and it is an x64 based PC.

I did also go into the client and went to the Settings Tab - Advanced - “Re-Upload Applications,” but there was no change.

I understand this is a side-project and labor of love and thank you for all your effort. I will patiently wait for a response. As I myself am somewhat busy, forgive me in advance if my own replies can sometimes be late.