Per-Application uptime stops working completely after using "Re-upload applications"

This is my first post on the website, I’m not sure if this will suffice for the new problem I’m having.
To clarify real quick, using Whatpulse 3.6, I have all the Active Stats settings in the client enabled, and I am running Whatpulse as an administrator to help with some applications otherwise not being logged at all.
A couple of days ago, I was finding that certain applications that I use (particularly, Portable Pokemon Mini Emulator, but sometimes lesser used applications were not showing up on the site despite being logged correctly in the client) were not having their uptime logged on the website anymore. I decided to click “re-upload applications” and hope everything would work out in a few hours at most. Suddenly, my pulses over the past few days have stopped logging ALL application data to the website, which includes programs like ShareX, Google Chrome, Blender, and other programs I often have open to do work.

To compare the pulses I have done, refer to the one I did on Feb. 26th this year, and compare to the very next one uploaded on March 2nd (I tried re-uploading application data the day before, to be specific), then all the other pulses I have done after that. I really need help with this, because even if I reupload the data again, none of the pulses show any application data despite having multiple programs open for hours a day! If you need to request anything from me to help troubleshoot, please do so.

Hi @JigglyKing37 - I think I’ve found what’s causing this, as a few other folks are having the same issue. Your client is sending too many apps to the website at once. You can verify this by looking at the logs and (hopefully) seeing errors like “Error while talking to website: Unknown error”.

If you’re also seeing that, it’ll be fixed in the next 4.0 beta. Find the current beta here: Login | WhatPulse