Password problem w/ client

Um… I’ve looked around the forum already about a password problem, but I couldn’t find any good solutions that helped, and the one thing that could have helped me most didn’t even get a solution.

Note that this all is on-client. My on-site password is fine.

My problem? Well, I’ve had WhatPulse for a couple of years and I got back into it this year after getting a new computer and realizing I hadn’t used it for a while. Oddly enough, I forgot my password.
I always forget my password for this, because over the years I’ve changed my password.
I’ve tried everything except reset token, because I haven’t pulsed for months, and I have 9 miles, nearly 1.2 million keys, and 175k clicks, and I do NOT want to mess with that. I know that that would be the best way to fix this, (I think?) but I’d probably cry really bad (lol I’m totally sensitive) if I had to do that.
I also tried to change my password on the client, but it told me I had the wrong old password. I attempted using all of my old more commonly used passwords, but those didn’t work, plus I looked in my e-mail for my oldest and newest reset-passwords. None of them worked. I tried the “reset password” (on the client) but that seemed to have done nothing whatsoever for me, it didn’t send any e-mail, didn’t change anything visibly. I don’t know what else to do, except to be for someone to probably key in my keys/clicks/miles manually without pulsing? Or resetting the token, but I’d probably freak out…
That’s probably the best way but I don’t even know if that would do anything.
I hope I can receive some pretty good help… Thanks :slight_smile: