Overview Stat reset

I’ve used the program for a few months now but I haven’t really gone out of my way to learn more about it. I was looking through my profile’s stats and noticed that all the apps I use are in plain view of the public. In my own folly I blindly tried to figure out how to make my app usage private. I went to the input tab of the program and saw the list. I was clicking around and dumb ol’ me reset my stats in that area, however my stats on my profile, like the clicks and keystrokes, are still there. Is there anyway to import those stats from the site into the overview tab of the program?

Unfortunately not, the website is a gathering point for all your stats, but the client cannot pull from that.

Website privacy settings are found on the website: https://whatpulse.org/my/#privacy

Thank you for the prompt reply! Ah well, if I want to know the total I can either go to the account tab or the website. Take care!

You can hide all applications (or specific ones) by going to your settings here: http://whatpulse.org/my/#apps