Other layouts than default.

Well, as a swedish keyboard user of QWERTY.
And it does really look weird when I’ve used special characters like &/¤ etc because they pop up on the wrong spots on the map chart on WhatPulse.
My keyboards layout is like this
TAB qwertyuiopå¨ ENTER
CAPSLOCK asdfghjklöä’ ENTER
SHIFT <zxcvbnm,.- SHIFT

Well, so it’s not really the same as the rest of the world. I’m sure other countries with special characters/layouts would approve of this too.
SVORAK would be nice if it was added and more.

New alternative keyboard versions have just been added such as Dvorak and Colemak. More may be added in the future, but it may not be very soon. The ones that have been added are the ones more commonly used around the world.