[OSX] Not counting keystrokes from external keyboard

I have a mac and I thought whatpulse would be a neat way to see how much I type throughout the time I am on the computer working though since my internal keyboard is fried, I got an external keyboard. now my what pulse does not work because what pulse doesn’t count its keystrokes.

Any idea on how I can fix it?

External keyboards should work just fine, I use one every day and do not have any issues. Make sure you allow WhatPulse to count your keys by enabling the privacy settings in OSX. You should get an annoying reminder when the client starts, and it even opens the preferences pane where you need to change the system setting.

I made sure it is allowed yet when ever the client starts it keeps telling me to allow it.

Re-enable it, as the popup message from the client tells you. Also there’s another thread that solved this: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=5487