OSX client issues since latest update

Updated the client a few days ago and my system logs are littered with messages about WP

14/05/2015 17:15:40.338 whatpulse[50461]: IMK Stall detected, *please Report* your user scenario in <rdar://problem/16792073> - (imkxpc_uniqueClientIdentifierStringWithReply:) block performed very slowly (33.35 secs)

In addition to this, the client seems to be reporting that it is being run on windows for new pulses as seen here: http://whatpulse.org/mehcore/computer/iMac

and my other OSX system cannot be viewed online: http://whatpulse.org/mehcore/computer/Macbook+Pro

Can you check what your proxy settings are inside the WhatPulse client? If they are set to detect automatically, try to disable that.

The “imkxpc_uniqueClientIdentifierStringWithReply” is not inside the client, so I’m assuming it’s something the client calls on to get something…searching gives me Safari, which it gets the proxy data from.

Thanks for your reply, nothing is checked inside proxy settings, and this has only started happening since I updated to 5.6