{ OS X } Upgraded from ~1.2 to 2.1.1 and lost all my local stats

I upgraded from WhatPulse 1.2 to 2.1.1 today, and I lost all of my local stats. According to the website, over the last three years I’ve typed over 4.6 billion keystrokes, but on the “input” tab of the new version it says I have under 1000 keystrokes. Under the “Account” tab (which I assume pulls data from the API?) says that have typed 4.6 billion keystrokes. The database at in ~/Library/Application Support/WhatPulse/whatpulse.db contains fewer than 1000 keystrokes.

I did something kind of stupid while upgrading; I deleted the old app, then installed the new one; could this have caused the problem? I would really like to get my old data back, as I was looking forward to doing some analysis of the data.

WhatPulse 2 is a completely other beast than WhatPulse 1 - there is no stats transition between them, all your stats are on the website for analysis.

Is it possible to download a copy of the data I’ve collected over the last few years? If I had known I’d lose my data, I wouldn’t have upgraded.

You haven’t lost your data, as it’s on the website displayed in your profile…

Plus you can still boot the old client (just not pulse from it anymore), if you wanted to get something from it.

While I see the total number of keystrokes on my profile, I can’t find the distribution of keystrokes. Where can I find this data?

Define “distribution of keystrokes” ?

In the old client, I not only see the total number of keys I had typed, but I could also see that I had typed the “a” key 12 times, the “b” key 14 times, etc.

So not just total number of keystrokes, but also the number of times I’ve typed each key

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So not just total number of keystrokes, but also the number of times I’ve typed each key[/quote]

For privacy reasons, those were never sent to the website. However, to be honest, they are kinda useless in the older versions as it only kept a total record, but a record based on a period.

If you want to retrieve those, you can boot up the old client, like I mentioned before.

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Okay, thanks. Unfortunately I can’t find the older client on my computer. Is there a place where I can download it?