OS X Mavericks


It seems that you can’t enable assistive devices in the new OS X. Anyone found a way to enable it anyway?

Edit; found it under privacy settings

Running Mavericks DP 8 here and have enabled the above setting, but it doesn’t seem to be picking up 100% of the keys hit. In fact, I’ve looked for a pattern and can’t really come up with why it counts some and doesn’t count others.

Doesn’t seem to matter if the window is focused or not. As I’ve typed this message, my key count has gone up about 6 keys.

I’m in Chrome right now, have tried it in Apple Terminal with no difference.

Well, it seems to be catching the Shift key! And Control. And Option. And Command. And that’s about it.

Oh yeah, this is with Whatpulse 2.2.1.

Mavericks hasn’t been tested (nor released) yet, and there have been some changes on Apples end on the ‘assistive devices’ - so expect it to have issues.