Odd message... :P (Client 1.6.2)

Small problem, when you use the whatpulse.exe program to create an account the close button is disabled after the account has been created :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao. Okay, will be fixed in .2.1

[quote=AmpliDude]Small issues in program settings:

  • clicking on any of first 3 tabs causes window to lose focus
  • invalid grouping of radio buttons - the Every week button is grouped with Distance Type buttons
  • probably a debug info when closing setting window (accepting the changes)[/quote]

Figured out what was wrong with the losing of focus, so that’s fixed in the next version.


WinHomeEdition Sp3 WhatPulse-v1.6.2
if go to properties and iven do nothing will be
aond if set pulse clik 900 keys
after it will see img23.imageshack.us/my.php?image=19323696.gif
but Ctrl+alt+P works fine anyway

and after install IE 8 and 2 reboot’s auto pulse wife
(but if change properties of pulse time error still be(( )

The first message is left over debug info and I don’t know much about the second (just ignore the first one). If you can still pulse then I’d just go ahead and carry on as normal and just pulse fairly often (just in case a problem does occur).

You could also try closing whatpulse and restarting it (or logging out your profile and restarting whatpulse) or reinstalling the client. However if it isn’t causing you any actual problems then I would just leave it be.

@ Kodak

Check the sticky. This is fully aware of by the mods/admins and is being sorted out.

Until then, using the shortcut should be fine. And setting to pulse every amount of keys does work, eventhough you are getting the error. Just set it at a higher amount of keys, because you are pulsing too many times, thus not being allowed to pulse. Set it at around 5000 keys at a minmum. :slight_smile:

Another possible bug:

Whatpulse (1.6.2) somtimes stops counting my mouse clicks - I wasn’t sure if anyone had mentioned this before or not. Anyway the reason I’ve said “Possible bug” is that I’m using Windows 7 which obviosuly isn’t suported so it could just be the operating system.

Yeah there are weird bugs like that in W7, someone had the same problem a while ago and it was because of Visual Studio and running WhatPulse as an administrator or something ridiculous.

I’m not providing any development support for W7 until it’s RTM’d, but if you can track down the cause that’d be good for me to know anyway.