Hi, Found WhatPulse about a month or two ago, glad I came upon it after the whole Project Dolphin went down about a year or two ago.


I didn’t know we let people like YOU on here! D:

_> :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome! It’s good to see Project Dolphin folks migrating over :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcomes everyone :smiley:

Except you PinkFloyd. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=Sindacious]Thanks for the welcomes everyone :smiley:

Except you PinkFloyd. :P[/quote]

awww naw, You know I love you all !@# :smiley:

Who didn’t come from Project Dolphin though? I know I did. I’m not ashamed, I just didn’t know there was anything better until finding Whatpulse.

I didn’t know about Dolphin until after I joined whatpulse :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky you, you got to have the full effect of experiencing Whatpulse for the first time, I had to drink the watered down mead before I discovered this place. : )

Hehehe. Yeah, it was pretty awesome, and I had the signatures just like the one above. Though I had to piece bits of my old signature to keep things exactly like they were before :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… I think we’re hijacking a thread here.

Ummmm… welcome, Sindacious!

Lol, yeah Dolphin was nothing like this, this one is better by far :>

I can tell ya wasted and I both did :wink:

And yes! quit hijacking omg :frowning:

same here

I heard about Dolphin when my brother (Zeroorez) found out WhatPulse and said it was a much better version of Dolphin; “Dolphin, wtf is that? :S”

It’s just what it was called :slight_smile: Project Dolphin was the “original” pulse :slight_smile: