not pulsing

Hi, I have been trying to fix this problem for the last hour but cant seem to fix it. I have wp 1.6, forwarded port 3490, disabled firewall. changed to port 3490, tried both ports, 80 and 3490. Im positive I have an internet connection since I am writing this.

but when I pulse It just seems to freeze on the green round icon and never sends the data. I have to end process to have it counting again.
I have restarted and reinstalled whatpulse 1.6, as well as flush and renew ipconfig without results.

I also cant reset token, it still freezes. When I uninstall the info is stilled stored after installing again.

please help.

thank you.

  1. Which version of WhatPulse are you running? Versions less than 1.5 are not supported, under any circumstance. Please make sure you are running the latest version to get optimal support. The latest version is
  2. What is your WhatPulse Username?
  3. What version of Windows are you using? Please include the OS Architecture (x86 or x64). We do not provide support for pre-XP versions, beta operating systems or the x64 architecture.
    windows xp professional sp2
  4. If you are using version 1.6 or higher, are you logged into an administrator account on Windows so that WhatPulse can access Windows correctly?
    logged in as administrator
  5. What error messages are you receiving (if applicable)?
    no error message
  6. What programs were you running when the issue happened? VM-ware and certain higher-privilege programs can cause compatibility issues.
    firefox 3.5

Are you in a work environment or pulsing from home? Have you opened the port in your router?

yes, I forwarded 3490 and that port is the one I have selected right now.

I want to ask if there is a download available for 1.5 until a fix shows up if possible.


There won’t be a fix since this is an issue with something on your end, be it your ISP or something you’re missing in a firewall somewhere.

I know there is a link to a 1.5 download on the forums somewhere, however I’m unsure where. A search should help.

Thanks bobL

I Installed Windows again and now works normally.