Not counting key/mouse presses inside games or Visual Studio

Using version 2.0.1 and 2.0.1a, WhatPulse doesn’t track keypresses or mouse clicks unless it’s inside of Firefox, Chrome, or Windows.

I play games and program in Visual Studio primarily. I just wrote a rather large class and header and WP is reporting that I had 65 keypresses and 8 clicks, I pulsed and restarted WP.

I jumped into a game of Skyrim, same thing, no counting. Restarted WP. Jumped into PlanetSide 2. Same thing, no counting, but it did crash somewhere along the way.

I uninstalled 2.0.1a and went to put the old version back on that worked fine. “You have the 2.0 client installed on one of your computers, this makes it impossible to pulse with a 1.x client.”

Seriously? I can’t downgrade my client version to working stable release?

Let me know where ever you hide logs if you want copies.

Win 8 x64 Pro w/MC, i7-2600k, 16 GB RAM

No problems here in either of them. You might have conflicting software. Uninstall then reinstall as admin (right click run as admin)

I’ve done that with both of the newer version, including running each as admin.

Thanks for offering a fix though.

We are currently working on this bug.