Not counting anything

I just turned back to the amazing WhatPulse since I reinstalled computer and couldn’t remember the name… Yesterday I found out it was WhatPulse but now with the “new” program, new for me then, the program doesn’t count ANYTHING.

Can this please be fixed, because it seems only to count my MB’s and nothing else, unless I click on the application, then it starts to count. I think this is some kind of bug. Since I found out this forum has no Bug Report section I just posted it here… Think the admins / developers will read it here aswell…

All my life pretty in love with this program but now it does not work… Makes me sad… :@

I can’t be the only one, right?

Okay: Update I reinstalled it works, then rebooted > result again only the bandwith, rebooting problem?

A big story, but as says - please start with your specs; OS, type OS, running programs, etc.

Inability to count keys from an OS entirely does not happen unless you’re running an OS from the stone age. :slight_smile: If it’s certain programs it’s not registering, enable the option “Run as Administrator” - as those programs are probably running in admin mode themselves, which is why the client would not get any events from them while not running in admin mode itself.

1: I have the latest version.
2: Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (one of the only legal things on the laptop)
3: I am using the Administrator account. It’s installed with Administrator rights.
4: No error message, just adolescent behavior of the program…
5: Well… When I play League of Legends it’s the only high-prevelige program I’m using… the rest is like Google Chrome, xfire and VLC which is opened full day…

5 questions answered.

Have you tried the administrator option? #5 is more about antivirus programs that may block Windows from sending any events to other programs.

Windows 7 Home 64bit works fine in general, so if you’re not getting any events through, another program is blocking them.

Actually after rebooting the system (what I just do daily…) the client stops counting… And what u mean by admin option

Like I said earlier, the “Run as Administrator” inside the client, which will run the client at a privileged level.

Seems to be fixed, lol. Only in-game is not counting proporly…

Did you enable the option?