No option to eliminate pulse notification

Before the upgrade, there was an option to turn off the pop-up notification during an auto pulse. Now with 2.0, that option seems to be gone. Am I missing it? It’s distracting to have those pop-ups while I’m trying to work.

Darn, thought about the same thing earlier today. But you beat me to the post.

I haven’t found the option for it either, so I don’t think there is one (yet).

No, it looks like this option is gone. Would be nice to have it back


I don’t mind it too much but I’d like to have an option to turn it off.
For me personally it’s enough to see on main window when last pulse was, constant popups might get rather irritating over time.

Yeah, it would be nice to have that option back!

Option is coming back, likely in 2.1.

For now as a work around, you can tell Windows to disable the notification from WhatPulse. On Vista, 7, and 8, right-click your clock and select Customize Notification Icons. Look for WhatPulse and select Hide icon and notifications.