No input devices detected

Im running zorin 9 os on a studio 1735 (yeah I know, but I love this machine). I have had whatpulse on this laptop, through various OS changes, for about 7 years now so I know its not hardware. I also have whatpulse on another laptop that has this same OS.

Basically during the setup-permissions script, no issues. It ran without any obviously apparent errors. The program runs fine, collects my network and uptime statistics. On the “input” tab at the bottom it says “No input devices found, are you permissions set up correctly?” With a link to the permissions help page on the site. I have re-ran that setup script several times, again with no errors, however no change to the keyboard or mouse input :frowning:

Does it actually change the permissions? Look at the app.log file the client creates, or run it in the foreground. The devices it spews out (/dev/input/*) should have read access for you. If they don’t, try setting it manually.

Otherwise no idea…I can’t find what this Zorin is based on, so I don’t know how it is supposed to work with input devices.

I ran through the folders and noticed nothing was there.

For whatever reason, I was just double-clicking on the setup-permissions file when I was attempting this. I did it over shell and it worked.

That was kind of odd