No Disk error
No matter which option I pick, it just comes back up like 10 seconds later. Even quitting whatpulse from the system tray and restarting it does not fix the error. How do you fix this?

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, and version 2.5 of whatpulse. I wasn’t running any programs when the error, began, I simple ejected my cd drive. The error only goes away when I put back in the same disk that I was using before it happened.

There are two possibilities for why that could happen:

  • The client is running from that cdrom and you took away it’s home
  • There’s another program running from that cdrom and you take away it’s home

WhatPulse only does something with a hard drive to read application information or write it’s database to disk for saving.

Well, there must be another possibility, since neither one of those in the case here.

Drive V: sounds more likely to be a network share do you have whatpulse on a network drive?

If the whatpulse client itself isn’t on a network drive then I wonder if perhaps this is happening on a large network like a corporate or educational network that might be using a network location for the AppData directory or something.

Either way it looks like the system could be having some connectivity issues reaching the network share or the V: drive has been unmounted somehow perhaps if you shared a bit more information about the environment you are working in that could help.