No Automatic Pulsing

My client has been working ok-ish so far (apart from random crashes after hibernation, and token resets), but I got a new issue today.

Despite my settings tab stating to pulse every 2.5GB downloaded, every 2 hours or every 1000 clicks, the program doesn’t pulse at all. It is as if the timer that organises these checks has somehow been disabled.

It doesn’t state anywhere in the options that pulsing has been disabled, and in my Automatic Pulsing tab it states categorically that when it hits the counters it will pulse. I can manually pulse, and that is not starting up the auto pulsing.

I bet if I close the program and restart it, it’ll work properly again.

Win7 64-bit SP1 x64, using V2. Plenty of horsepower under the hood.

Known issue, please check the ‘[2.0] README BEFORE POSTING!’ thread.