New windows developer

Hi folks :wink:

May I introduce myself: I’m raven (Sascha in real life, living in Düsseldorf / Germany ;)) and became a new WhatPulse team member. I’m responsible for the Windows client and I am after TheGambler and HedgeHog the third Windows developer in the team.

My first aim is to kill the lag bug - we’ll see, what follows.

I just wanted to say “hello” and that I’m looking forward to do a good work with you,

A very big welcome!!!

I hope that Windows client is gonna be finished even faster :smiley:
Do you job and good luck!

And welcome on the forums :slight_smile:

Well, hopefully we might see something in the next year.

mutters, walks off


slaps bobL

Remind me to give you screenshots of the mac for the kb this week.

That better have been a trout you slapped me with! :e

Wasted, remember to give me screenshots of the Mac client this week.

That’s some mighty fine reminding :stuck_out_tongue:

I reminded him on IRC today. :wink: