New Whatpulse Client Idea

I have no idea if this would be doable. Or if anyone would actually want to use it. But what about a whatpulse client that could run on a cell phone/pda. Such as a Treo, Blackberry, or Iphone? They have full keyboards on them. And I think it would be very interseting to see peoples stats of typing from sending text messages, and surfing the web on their phones.

Like I said I have no idea if it would be possible. because there are so many different “operating systems” i guess you could call them for cell phones. I think the easiest one would actually be the iphone. Just because it would be similar to the Mac OS version. But I know a Palm OS version for the Treo 755p would be something completely new.

Just a thought. And sorry its in the windows client area. I just didn’t know where else to put it.

It’s been discussed before and it’s a definite no for an iPhone - iPhones can’t run apps in the background, thus WhatPulse wouldn’t work anywhere unless it were built into every single app.

Blackberrys might be popular, don’t know about Treos, and it’s been discussed for Windows Mobile, too, but I certainly won’t be doing anything on any mobile device (even a Windows one). If someone comes along and makes one, though, it’ll likely be added.

Now that WhatPulse monitors internet use, is there an API we can use to develop an iPhone app especially since jailbreaking is so popular, you can actually run apps in the background (and you dont even need to jailbreak to do that with bandwidth)