New version 2.0.1

Hey guys,

I really like the new version 2.0.1,

some really nice features added

I am just curious to know if there is a way to make the “keyboard heat map” in the “input” Tab to load up all the keystrokes and clicks from your account?

what I mean is, for example - I just installed the new version, and it will only display the stats I have aquired since installing the new version, and not the total of what I have in my online account.

I see there is different tabs for showing, monthly, weekly or yearly keystokes - but still this does no load my stats from my account.

any ideas how to solve this?

The key frequencies are not stored online, so there is no way to load them into the new client.

Also key frequency percentages would even out in time, so for instance a key frequency image for the entire year of 2012 would be nearly identical to one for 2013; that is, as long as you don’t majorly change the way you use your keyboard or what you type.

Ah not exactly what I ment, I guess I worded it wrong.

what I was wondering is, Is it possible to have what pulse 2.0.1 load up and dispaly my total keystokes clicks as the total it says I have in the website?

my what pulse is only show my “total key count” as only what I have typed since installing the new version.

is there a was to make it display all thats on my account?

No, there is no total account overview inside the client yet. You can use the website for that.

I would not expect that until version 2.1.0 at the latest.

Nope, sooner:


2.0.2 hey, Looks very nice indeed. exactly what I was after and then some!

I know all my stats are on the website, but It would be nice all condensed within the whatpulse programe. and that seems like it’l be 2.0.2

cant wait for 2.0.2 !
If it already isnt out yet, my what pulse hasnt told me there is a new version so I guess not yet.

great work everyone involved!

Was the miles you moved your mouse removed?
(I just upgraded to 2.0.4, I think the previous version I had was 1.7.?, so maybe it was eliminated some time after that, but its new to me)

I have problems with WP stopping when I start WinRar. Worst case is me not remembering to start it again. :slight_smile:

Will now look for the new version and upgrade… If I’m lucky it helps. :slight_smile:

Just tested unraring a folder. :slight_smile:

No problems at all.