New icon

I was wondering if it was possible to get the black ‘W’ icon back. I don’t like the white square with the grey ‘W’ at all.

add black ‘W’ icon and Green like in v1.5

Shortest answer I can give you is a no. I might tweak the design a bit to make the shading stand out more (if you look really really closely there’s shading :P) but until a later version, it’ll remain the current icon.

Okey. What about tweaking the square away from the design :wink: That the thing that bother me the most.

Again, until a later version (~2), it’ll remain relatively the same. Hopefully it’ll grow on you before then :wink:

Use resHack to change the icon yourself! Sorted!


Isn’t that illegal?

It depends, that progam only lets you edit resources such as images and strings used by the program, it dosnt actualy let you alter the compiled code in any way. If its specificaly stated in the terms and conditions of WhatPulse client that you cant do this (which it isnt as their is only a “as is” licence agreement) then it would be a problem.

The only directly illegal thing you can do is use the program to steal the icon etc as thats copyright infringment.

Why not just give an option to use both? I personally strongly dislike this icon. It stands out way too much.


As far as I know the way an icon is embedded into a program can depend on wheather or not its done manualy or by the IDE the developers using. I wouldnt think you could change it dynamicaly (via user input) after that but you do get sys-tray icons for things like anti-virus program that have simple animations to show you their updating or something. So if simple animation is possible (although very basic) it must be possible to provide the option to change icon, even if it is only through a setting in the program.

But I say their are more important things that need attention as of now and that would be this annoying bug thats stopping people from pulsing.

Agreed. It’s a 16x16 image, it’s not a big deal.

As I’ve said, there will be something in future versions far better than what there is now, so just wait until then.