Never registered an email

i recently updated my what pulse app on my computer upon its own recommendation and found myself unable to log into my account.
i made my account originally over 5 years ago and have pulsed fairly regularly since. my account is the username “jamsterman25” but i never registered an email. during my original registration process an email was never required and therefore there is not one linked to my account rendering me unable to log in. so how can i add my email to my account seeing as there was never one in the first place. also i can prove my ownership of the account as it is also linked to my twitter and i can tell the password for the what pulse account.
edit: i may have registered an email if so could you please give me one part of it.
but i have tried all of my known/active email addresses

You’re right about one thing; you have an email address registered (as it was always required to activate your account). It’s registered to a address, is that enough? :slight_smile:

That helps a lot. My address said that is is not correct and not registered. I think I may have a typo in the original email. Is there any way I can confirm my account and change my email…If needed you can contact me through the email on this account

There’s no typo (anymore), it’s your username, so you can probably just login and change it from there.

Thank you :slight_smile: