Network on different Linux Flavours

I have received my new work laptop today with a pre-installed ubuntu22.04. On my other machines I still have xubuntu20.04.

I have installed the snap with --devmode and --beta and got version 4.2. I saw the note that wayland isn’t supported and was already about to uninstall whatpulse right away, but was then happily surprised that it started. What surprised me even more is that just out of the blue on this new machine the network traffic is counted again.
I updated the client on the other machines, but there it’s still not counting - is there a way to fix this? Or do I “just” need to upgrade to 22.04? Or is ubuntu required for this and it won’t work with Xfce/Xubuntu? Not sure yet if I want to switch Desktops with my private machines…

I think I solved the mystery – need to run it as root

You could also make /proc/net/dev user readable, instead of running it as root. I thought that should be readable by default, maybe it’s changed on your system.

Also, keep in mind this’ll be only local network traffic and not network stats that will be pulsed to the website, as the readme describes.