Network graph oddities

I’m kind of confused about my network activity graph in 2.3. When I’ve closed the client window, it seems to update in bursts, causing spikes with long flat zero-activity stretches between them to show on the graph next time I open it.

Here’s an example, in which I had the window open for a while, then closed it for a couple minutes, then opened it again:

Is this a known issue, or something others have experienced? I’m seeing it on both Mac and Windows.

System 1: MacBook Pro (early 2011), OS X 10.7.5, WhatPulse 2.3 stable.
System 2: Sager NP2098 (mid-2009), Windows 7 Ultimate x64, WhatPulse 2.3 stable.

It seems bursty indeed, maybe I need to adjust the graph accordingly. I’ll see if I can smooth it out. Thanks!

It’s not a graph problem, it’s working just fine. It’s the network counter that randomly stops working and starts working again when you open the Whatpulse window again. It’s happening to me since 2.3b3.

I’m having the same issue.

Random is something you usually can’t reproduce, or something that doesn’t happen on a regular basis. This is certainly not random, as the graph simply flattens for a 30 second interval when you close the window and that is shown when you open the graph.

It has nothing to do with the network counter, just the presentation of the stats.

Than I have two separate problems. I’m having the same one as the TS although it doesn’t always happen when the windows is closed sometimes it keeps working fine, sometimes it happens 5 minutes after the window is closed.

The spike is also visible in the network interfaces list for me.

Edit: My ISP only offers 7,4 MB per second, it was over 100 MB per second a fraction before this screenshot.

The network stack doesn’t just stop and start again, unless you can changing your network interfaces. Plus any starts and stops will be documented inside your app.log, so if it is indeed flakey, it will tell you in there.

But, I have the feeling you’re mistaking a presentation issue with a counting issue, as it can look like a counting issue if something only updates every 5 or 30 seconds. The data is there, it’s just not shown in a every-second kind of way.

I’ve made a separate topic, for my issue. It probably just looks allot like this one.

@smitmartijn You’ve closed my topic and said it was the same issue as this one, well it’s not. The network counter works just fine because the graph matches however the unpulsed count does not match the network counter nor the graph. Could you please read my whole post this time.

Old post:

I’m having a problem with the network counter. Sometimes when I close the app the counter only adds up the downloaded MB’s every 30 seconds, when it does that it adds wrong values.

In the graph in the first screenshot you can see that it counts every 30 seconds. If I count up these values in the graph they match what I downloaded (+/- 950 MB NZB + Radio). However in the second screenshot you can see what it counted as unpulsed.

It is the same issue, don’t know how many times I have to say it. :wink:

The description of the first post in this thread may not seem similar, but it has the same root cause.

I’ll have 2.3.1 out somewhere next week which will fix it!

I’m using WP 2.3b1 now and this problem doesn’t exist.

Yep, the timers were changed in b2.

The 2.3.1 release fixed the spiking for me, on both Windows and Mac.

However, now I’m noticing (at least on Windows) that the network graph is climbing the left side of its frame, like it’s water forming a meniscus. The effect is most pronounced in the upload line because I’m uploading a lot right now, but I can see the same effect in the download line.

No particular comments on the right end of the line being consistently zero, because the graph has always behaved like that.

I’m also seeing this in the Mac client, v2.3.1 on OS X 10.7.5. It’s just harder to notice because my Mac never has anywhere near as much network traffic as my PC.

Hah, I see what you mean, never noticed that before. I’ll see if I can enhanced in the next version!