Network activity being measured but not pulsed?

So I noticed something a little odd, just now.

Both of these screenshots were taken from the GE70-2QE-ARCH machine, running Arch. Both were taken a few minutes ago, just after I manually pulsed. This pulse can be seen in the second screenshot as the one on 2015-09-12 22:44. Note the download measured here, 7.92GB. Also, note that this is the only pulse from this machine in the list, meaning it’s the only pulse in the past seven days. This would mean that over the past seven days, WhatPulse should’ve only measured 7.92GB. Also note that the unpulsed download is only 1.44MB, which wouldn’t add much to this.

Now look at the second screenshot. Note that it says that I’ve downloaded 44.17GB today, and 23.97GB yesterday. This is waaaaaaaay more than 7.92GB. All the data in this screenshot is accurate.

Anybody have any idea why WhatPulse has decided not to properly pulse my network usage?