Negative Values in Application Time Used

I’m pretty sure I have used ‘Disk Space Cleanup Manager for Windows’ for more than negative three weeks. X D

Is this a known issue? Any idea how I may have caused this?

It is only effecting a few programs and only from my “Compaq_Presario_CQ56” computer.

The only thing that could cause this is a time skew on your computer. If you turn back your clock for 3 weeks, it’ll do that.

Weird. I don’t actually own that laptop anymore so I guess there is no way to find out.

Mostly I just thought it was funny.

Are these negative times adding towards the total count. Could one -hypothetically- give a program many negative years in order to hijack the overall applications list?

Seems like something that would be dumb, but I can see people doing it.

(This thread was only started last month, so I hope it isn’t too old for replying.)

I also noticed I have negative values on a few places for the computer I named SW-EEE-W8. Specifically:

  • Guild Wars 2, has both negative use time, key and click counts
  • Microsoft Word, has negative use time
  • WinRAR, has negative use time

I could see how the use time would go negative if you tinkered with the system clock, but negative key and click counts do not seem sensible by any means. And yes, I’m sure I haven’t actually altered the system time on that computer, so I’m not really sure what’s going on, unless Windows has somehow randomly switched time all over the place while I’ve been sitting on the computer myself.