My Turn!

Ok, in 10 days it will have been two months since we got the big announcement that everything was almost ready (New Windows client, Mac & Linux clients, more website updates etc.)

I know it was the holiday period for a total of a week, but I’m getting bored of waiting now so in short, can I please have the Windows and Linux source codes so I can get it over and done with? : D

Edit: Actually I’m just kidding about Linux. :wink: But seriously, Windows? Come on!

I prodded wasted. We’ll see what happens? :wink:

Hey, I only set a date for the mac client. :stuck_out_tongue: (a few weeks is still ‘accurate’, you will notice next weekend)

From your post, I take it you’re a coder?


I was coding in C++/#/ and some other stuff but I stopped mid-last year. I figured it’ll take me a week to get back into the swing of things, another week to fix it and a lifetime for everyone to bow down to me. :wink:

Step right up! Get yer angry mob supplies right here! :wink:

Due to a sudden hospital intake, the mob squad has been posponed another week.

Awwww :frowning: