My signature does not work

Hi. My signature does not work regardless of what type of image I choose.


You need to put something inside your image for it to generate properly. Now you just have a background image with no statistics inside. Try to add some elements through the dynimg designer and it will start generating. Keep it mind that it does this once a day, so it might not turn up right away.

Thank you for replying. I thought this site isn’t working anymore or something. Anyway, thank you so much :slight_smile:

If only you guys have something like a template of statistics that can be automatically placed in the image.

Isn’t working anymore? Because there’s no instant reply? :wink:

All I can say is that the dynamic images are in for a make-over, but it’s not that high on the todo list because the amount of people using it is not that high.

nope. it is because the dynamic signature’s live picture does not work.
it’s hard to think of what to put inside the dynamic signature lol

also for premium, i hope a monthly recurring payment via paypal is possible.

There you go :slight_smile: It’s working now!
Although I am having issues editing my signature.
The colors does not change. :frowning: