My keys/clicks/miles randomly reset...

So everything was fine with my Whatpulse until a month or two ago, where Whatpulse opened up and came up with a “Runtime Error” and said something like “this application has requested it to end in an unusual way”. Didn’t know what happened, and anytime I started up my computer Whatpulse would load up like it usually does but then it’d crash right away and display the same message.

I’ve had the same Whatpulse version for several years now and hadn’t updated my computer or anything to cause this.

I was wondering if it was possible to get my keys/clicks/miles back? Or is that information only saved locally? And basically I had to pulse in order to send it to Whatpulse’s servers?

It’s definitely disappointing saving up like a year’s worth of k/c/m and all of a sudden this happens to you, that’s why I haven’t really bothered to use it at all for the past couple months.

So, is there any way?

What version of WhatPulse are you using? The client hasn’t tracked miles travelled for quite some time.

Local stats are always subject to your computers behavior, if it decides to corrupt the whatpulse data file, those will be lost. That is why we have the website and your stats gathered there, by pulsing.

The newer clients autopulse by default. Also, if you’re referring to miles, you’re running an ancient client which is not really supported anymore. We reworked it because it was based on old technology which was getting more unstable by the Windows update.

I’m running 1.7 from either 2010 or 2011.

I suppose I’ll download the newer version (RIP miles).