Multiplicity Support
Multiplicity essentially acts as dual monitor support, except… dual system support. I control my laptop and desktop all via my laptop keyboard and mouse. It would be great if WhatPulse could support this.

Currently WhatPulse only supports mileage but my real problem is that when I type of click on the guest machine (not the host machine, where my control keyboard/mouse are) the WhatPulse icon on my host machine (in the tray) becomes transparent and it will not allow me to send any pulses.

It is highly unlikely that it will be supported at this time. We tend to shy away from VNC and Multiplicity support due to the fact that it can lead to trouble in the key counting procedures and whatnot. We are always looking for ways to make it work a lot better however, so if enough people ask over time for these supports, we may start bug testing for possible support of these. I can make no promises on behalf of the developers however, as I tend to only support the program and handle anti-cheat.