Multi-Monitor Support?

I currently have 6 monitors that I use.

I’ve had a WhatPulse account since 2009 but I just made this new one after stopping for a year because I cheated somewhat on the old one and I want real, juicy statistics now.

On the Mouse Heatmap it only shows 1 monitor. I want all 6!

Is this is the plans to be created or has it already and I just don’t know how to view it.


P.S. WhatPulse has really upgraded since I last knew it. I really like the new stats and layout. Grats!


Hi Jack,

It’s on the todo, not there yet. Right now it merges them into one view.


That’s actually just as good. How does it account for different resolutions all merged into one?

It’s relative; it formats them to the primary monitors size. Clicks positions are stored in a percentage-wise manner, so if a secondary monitor sporting a height of 2048 and the primary monitor is 1024, clicking on position 1024 on de secondary will translate to 512 on the primary monitor and also in the heatmap.