Mouse distance

Good day
this software is superb :slight_smile:
Thanks to the heatmap I moved my windows bar from left to right, understanding that I had a completely unused portion of the video.
what I would like to see is a heatmap of the mouse movements, not just clicks. It would be also interesting to have statistics like the overall distance run by the mouse (this could actually be approximated also just by calculating the distance between two consecutive clicks), the main paths that are followed and the run speed.
Thank you!

We removed distance traveled by the mouse due to the fact that it was so difficult for it to be tracked and it required algorithms that were never fully accurate due to the fact there are so many factors, such as dpi, screen size, type of mouse, mouse acceleration, and more. I also believe a heat map of mouse movements would require a lot of data to be collected which would likely lead to bogging down the system. It’s not as simple as just recording a pixel location when you click.

I’m sure wasted will follow up behind me with his opinions, I just wanted to go ahead and get you a response!


Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:

Yeh I never got a proper reading, as said there are too many variables to make it work perfectly which is a shame as it was a cool stat. Was never gonna be more mileage than my pedometer though. One shift at a pub will see me walk around 7 miles. Its insane.