Most Used Key

I was just wondering what everyones most used keys where.

Space: 78,023
E: 36,887
A: 33,056
O: 32,424
T: 31,653
Backspace: 28,903

Of course, this isn’t right, but its basicly a idea of what keys are up there, since I’ve gotten whatpulse, I had it, pulsed about 1,300,000 keys, then switched computers, pulsed around 200,000 keys on that, then switched to the new version. Thats for about around 500,000 keys on the stats.

[color=red]Extra note from X-Kal:[/color]

This is how you check to see your keystroke frequencies:

Right-Click the ‘W’ tray icon
Click the ‘Keystroke Frequencies’ button
Check the “Keep record of keystroke frequencies” button

This may be different in version 1.47, though I don’t have it anymore,
so I don’t have separate instructions for that. It should be similar, though.

Space: 159,042
A: 139,180
W: 107,320
D: 100,320
E: 92,451
O: 76,259

:]. I’m a sloooowwwww typer. :[

A 48,663
Space 45,940
Backspace 43,126
D 39,718
W 23,976
E 22,424
S 22,325
T 18,797
O 17,602

The last 5 characters spell out the initials of my nanna’s husband “D. Westo”

My Key Frequencies. I hitted the purple and dark red the most :wink:

Wow. Ya’ll really abuse your backspace keys :wink:

I can type really fast but I do mess up a lot.

Pimorez, why is your left and right arrow keys used so much?

Because I play Silkroad and then I use the left and right arrow keys for how I see the game…

I do billing, so my top keys are all numbers (except then enter key)

Enter (on the keypad) - 142,164
1 - 45,914
2 - 34,469
4 - 30,914
5 - 26,959
3 - 26,072
0 - 25,388
6 - 22,519
8 - 20,271
Backspace - 19,372
9 - 19,320
7 - 17,909
. - 17,608


Space: 84,328
E: 39,713
A: 35,586
O: 34,924
T: 33,931

Whenever I’m only I’m mostly on MSN and on forums so type a lot and use the space key. xD

Count Key
4,863 Space
2,722 E
2,407 Backspace
2,227 O
2,066 T
2,019 A
1,875 I
1,826 Left shift
1,615 N
1,561 S
1,259 R

1,255 H
1,192 L
1,080 Enter

Only recently started keeping track of that.

26,416 Space
20,989 Z
19,760 A
16,943 D
16,400 W
13,852 Right

The Z and Space(mostly) came from my playing Gameboy roms. That is out of 271,525 keys.

Edit: Heh, I bet I’m one of the only people with “Z” in thier top ten, eh?

I have 1,986 on ‘z’ (now 1,987 :p). Compared to 196,614 for my space… What a geek you are :wink:

Anyone who plays Maplestory will come out with an unusually high ‘z’ count, since that’s the key you press to pick up items.

Ah, alright. I never really played Maplestory, so I wouldn’t know.

3,706 time hitted the z :smiley: I don’t play Maplestory too but a other general game is good for your keys too :stuck_out_tongue:

What game are you talking about?

Neopets ;p

A lots… Silkroad, Rakion, BF2 and Wolfenstein ET… Also Trackmania :smiley:

lol z is not used in maplestory as much as pplz have custom key settings also they would jst hold instead of press, and pets reduced lootin by a whole lot

When was the last time you played Maplestory? Holding the z key down doesn’t let you pick up items constantly - you have to hit it repeatedly.