More silent crashes on Mac

I recently reinstalled Whatpulse at version 2.2.1. And now I remember what stopped me from using it last time. A silent crash caused the client to shut down without my knowledge, losing me thousands of clicks from the last two days. This happened TWICE in the last two weeks. :@

This has been a problem since 2.0.0. I reported the bug back in February, along with three crash reports, and nothing has happened. I really would have hoped the developers had fixed it by now.

Here are another two crash reports for you to pore over. Don’t let me down.

  1. Version 2.2.1

  2. Mac OS X 10.8.3 on a MacBook Pro with an x64 processor

  3. Not applicable

  4. To reiterate, this is a SILENT crash - no error messages of any kind. I lost two days of clicks, because I didn’t notice that the client hadn’t been running for TWO DAYS.

  5. Not applicable.

Oh, and I’m not the only one.

Glad to see my tweet got attention from somebody, if not a WhatPulse developer. This just happened again, which drove me to see if there was any news in the forums. Latest crash report is attached, but I think this might be a different issue (the date seems wrong). If WhatPulse logs more things elsewhere, I’ll be happy to go spelunking in there.

I’m on 2.2.1, which is nice because 2.2 wouldn’t run (I did a bunch of investigation as to why).

This is still irritating, and I’m rather irked that this hasn’t gotten any sort of acknowledgement from the development team. (If it has, please point me to it.)

Sorry to see you’re having problems with the OSX client. Most stuff gets filtered out at the beta process, but you can’t filter out everything. (You can help prevent by joining the beta program)

As for the bug reports, they both contain different information. One (WhatPulse_2013-09-23-021227_Gallifrey.crash) even references to the 1.2.1 OSX client, which is not supported anymore.

@Jynt0: your report is a bit odd, as it refers to methods not used or present in the WhatPulse client. I’m thinking it has something to do with the Qt version, as that does use the methods. This version will be upgraded in the upcoming release (2.2.2).

@dgw: Yours is similar, but does refer to some methods used by the client. They have to do with the sleep/wake up functions of the (older) version of OS X. I believe I just fixed that one for 2.2.2.

Ah, my bad about the first one. I was using 1.2.1 until recently, so that was probably a 1.2.1 crash report.

Here’s today’s crash report. Do tell me if it has the same problem with the methods.

And dgw, tell me what other applications are running in the background on your Mac. If any are the same as mine, that narrows down the possibilities for an application conflict. My list has changed a little bit from last time - The ones that have stayed the same include BetterTouchTool, BOINC, Dropbox, F.lux, iScrobbler, Jumpcut, Time Track Pro, SIMBL Agent, iStat Menus, Wacom pen tablet drivers, and Spark Daemon.

Yup, same info as the previous ones.

In the meantime, you could do this:

Put into ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ and run:

launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/keep.whatpulse.running.plist

Note: I have not tested this plist, but the syntax is correct. I also assume your resides in /Applications. if not, change the path. Also untick the ‘Open main window on startup’ setting, that could get annoying. :wink:

To remove it: launchctl remove keep.whatpulse.running

I’d be happy to join the beta program, if I can run the beta client concurrently with the stable release. The stable client can do all the tracking, and if a beta happens to have some critical bug, I won’t lose any data that way because the stable client is also tracking everything.

Sleeping/resuming the system seems to cause issues most frequently. I also sometimes lose network bandwidth tracking after a sleep cycle until I either restart the machine, restart WhatPulse, or disable network stats->save settings->enable network stats->save settings.

Out of your list, I have BetterTouchTool and Dropbox. (I do run BOINC, but not on this machine.) I also run CheatSheet by Media Atelier. In case it affects anything: my input method is habitually set to Japanese (Romaji) instead of English, so I can easily switch between kana and English.

I think I’ll try that plist, too. Edit: That plist causes the main window to pop to the foreground quite frequently, even with “Open main window on start” unchecked in WhatPulse. So I quickly learned that your command to remove the job is wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: I used this:

launchctl unload keep.whatpulse.running.plist


Out of those two, BetterTouchTool seems more like the sort of thing that would cause an application conflict. Since, I had the same problem in February and BTT has had several updates since then, it would have to have gone unpatched for months.

I have deliberately ticked that box, so I’ll know what I was doing when the crash happens. If it’s a certain action or gesture that causes it, I should see the Whatpulse window a few seconds after I do it.

Another silent crash this afternoon. Found the crash report in Console; attached.

@smitmartijn: I’m hopeful that it’s related to the bug you fixed for 2.2.2 and I won’t have this happening soon. It’s a bit off-topic, but does 2.2.2 have any fixes targeted at the crashes that result from keeping application-specific network stats? I have those turned off right now to keep the crashes down.

It has nothing to do with a certain specific stat, all you do with turning one off is lessen the workload of the client.

Another day, another crash report. At least this time I can say what I was doing when I got the crash report. I saw an email notification and clicked on it. It took me to the Mail app. I was in the app for a few seconds, without even touching the trackpad, when the Whatpulse window appeared. Note that Whatpulse takes a few seconds to restart, so the crash may have coincided with my clicking on the notification. But it couldn’t have been the notification that caused the crash, because it’s a Mountain Lion feature, and we have seen this crash on Lion and Snow Leopard.

@smitmartijn: My WhatPulse is restarting itself when I quit it from its menu. Maybe your plist works after all and it just needed me to reboot, which I did because Software Update made me. :stuck_out_tongue: