Missing Apps

I’ve Problems with missing apps:

on one Computer (Win XP, 32bit, Multimonitor) it looks like all apps which running on the secondary Screen are not detacted as active.
ATM i do not have Access to this Maschine, so i can’t check, if they are not correct detected or only not correct submitted.

on the other Computer, it looks like not all apps are pulsed…
e.g. i missed led.exe, which locally repored as recently used but never get pulsed to Webpage. (active usage time >5h)

Seems application pulsing not working generally propper :frowning:

Tested on 3 virtual maschines (osx, winxp, win8)… None of my manuelly pulses contains application data. on all 3 maschines whatpulse Shows application data and the Checkbox was also checked.

Applications are uploaded separately from pulses…the client checks every 15 minutes for unsubmitted apps and uploads them if needed. When it does that, it received an ID from the website which it uses to pulse the stats…so you’ll need to run the client for a while before it has IDs for all apps…after which it’ll start counting for those apps and pulsing per app stats.

So running it on a VM and doing a quick pulse, simply won’t work, this is correct behaviour.

“Active” apps are categorised as apps that have actually been used, not just running in the background. It needs to have keys, clicks or front-facing time. You can see all that are sent inside My WhatPulse though.

THX, that cleared most.

But still some open questions:

  • Why application shown within pulses and not separatly?
  • Where is LED (led.exe) (or ridgeracer, portable virtualbox, SmartCVS …). Both missing on active and inactive applications, both are active used. Did you have a DB of known applications wich can be pulsed where led is missing?
  • Do you know any Problems cause of multiples Screens on win xp?

THX 4 fast reply,

Looks like all These apps do not have any application info set (except fileversion).

Found some time to get one the multimonitor Maschine. Looks like all is fine, except the input in Internetexplorer (mouse and Keyboard) wouln’t detected :frowning:

Closed due to ‘all is fine’ and starting to be a duplicate of http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=3492