Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error - Solution found

[quote]Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program D:\Utility\Whatpulse\Whatpulse.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the aplication support team for more information.[/quote]

My systerm crashed, I booted it back up and I got that error. I tested things out, and the end result was…

Delete keyfreq.bin and open whatpulse as normal. You should not lose any keys, clicks or mouse distance - but you WILL lose your key frequency table. I suppose it’s not as bad that way…



Did you mean .exe? Please tell me you meant .exe?

Yes, exe. I fixed the quote. Sorry :wink:

Well that certainly should help for debugging the programme for the developers.

Updated the KB article on this - cheers.